8 Tourist places to visit in Kerala

8 Tourist places to visit in Kerala

From the sparkling backwaters to the majestic elephants, and from the sweet coconuts to the yummy delicacies, Kerala has a lot to offer to capture the heart of travel enthusiast. Nature has truly bestowed all of its beauty in this state of India making it one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This is a landscape that is as diverse as the people residing in it. The culture and the history associated with the Tourist places in Kerala add to its beauty. This is one of those places that your heart wants to keep coming back to. Here is a list of top nine places in Kerala that are a must-see for a tourist. Kerala tour packages are the best way to indulge in the serene beauty of Kerala.

1. The backwaters of Alleppey

Alleppey ranks high among the places to visit in Kerala simply because it offers the kind of experience that you will rarely find anywhere else on the globe. This location was famously named ‘Venice of the East’ by the British. Get on one of the lovely houseboats and view the lush landscapes all around you. Breathe in the beauty of the extensive paddy fields, quaint chapels, fishermen busy with their fishing nets, and ducks playing in the water. The memory that this ride etches in your mind is something that stays with you forever.

Best time to visit: September to May

How to reach: The Kochi airport is the nearest one to the location. You can avail the state-run buses or take a cab.

2. The Hills of Munnar

This hill station is one of the most popular Tourist places in Kerala. These mountains cover an area of over eighty thousand miles with the slopes looking all green with tea plantations. Once in this place you will feel that the term picture perfect is the ideal description of the place. The clouds fly by you, and the misty valleys with gushing waterfalls welcome you in Munnar. The adventure lovers can go for the hiking routes around Munnar. All these coupled with bungalows and tea factories bring a certain old-world charm to the area.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year

How to reach: The nearest rail station is Aluva and airport is Kochi airport. You can hire a cab from these places to reach Munnar.

3. The pretty hamlet of Kumarakom

The villages of Kerala look so pretty and calm that staying in one of them feels tempting. You can turn your heart’s desire into reality by staying at Kumarakom. Among all the major Tourist places in Kerala, this is the place that offers the widest choices for a tourist which is the reason why many of them make this their base for Kerala tours. It is situated beside the Vembanad Lake. It offers not just soothing greenery but also activities like house boat cruising, fishing, boating and sightseeing. You can even visit the bird sanctuary that remains open from 6 am to 6 pm. If you want to leave the stress of a busy life behind, Kumarakom is the place to be.

Best time to visit: November to May

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Kottayam and airport is Kochi. Book a cab from either of these places and reach Kumarakom.

4. The beauty of Wayanad

The name Wayanad means a land of the paddy fields in the Malayali language. This place among the popular Tourist places in Kerala feels like a paradise of greenery. Wayanad is not only famous for its agricultural abundance, but also for the tribal heritage that it holds. There are over fifty tribes residing in the place each with their different customs, costumes and lifestyle. Wayanad is otherwise the least populated region among the other places in Kerala but it makes up for it with its exotic landscape. You can see places like edakkal caves, sentinel rockfalls, Wayanad sanctuary, Tusharagiri falls while at this place.

Best time to visit: All the year round. But adventure sports lovers should come during July and August.

How to reach: The Kozhikode rail station is the nearest to the destination. Train leaves for the major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Kochi from this station.

5. The wildlife of Thekkady

One of the places that you think about when discussing Tourist places in Kerala is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This really well-known sanctuary preserves some of the most majestic wildlife consisting of tigers, elephants, gaurs, and sambars. The biggest attraction among all of this wildlife is the lion tailed macaques which are extremely rare and endangered species. The sanctuary is situated on the banks of the Periyar Lake and covers an area of over 360 sq. Km. Take an elephant safari and reach right at the heart of jungle or go on a trail on foot around Moozhiyar, the choice is yours.

Best time to visit: October to February

How to reach: The nearest railway station is Kottayam which is connected to all major Indian cities. You can hire a cab or board the numerous buses plying from Kottayam to Thekkady.

6. The metropolis of Kochi

Kochi is situated right at the heart of Kerala and is the starting point of the visit to the other Tourist places in Kerala. Kochi is a part of Ernakulam, a wonderful district located right on the banks of the Arabian Sea. The best thing about Kochi is that it is a delightful mix of the old and new. On one side you get the bustling life of a metropolis full of IT hubs and industrial buildings, and on the other hand, you get to see forts and ruins left by the advent of British, Dutch, and Portuguese. This city is touted as the commercial capital of the state. Another interesting trivia about Ernakulum is that it is held as one of the finest natural harbors of the world which has also earned it the title of ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea.’ Apart from the forts, you can visit places like Jewish synagogue, Mattancherry palace, and the Dutch cemetery.

Best time to visit: All the year round but preferably in the winters.

How to reach: The Kochi airport connects to all the big cities in India outside Kerala. The two railway stations near to the place are Kochi railway station and Kochi Harbor Terminus.

7.The sun and fun of Varkala

Varkala is highly sought after among the Tourist places in Kerala thanks to the beach and the cliffs of the region. Apart from the beautiful beach, there are several other activities too that make the place so attractive. For instance, you get to avail boat riding, sun bathing, surfing, and special Ayurveda massages. A popular beach in Varkala is called Papanasham. Locals believe that the waters here can wash away all of your sins. Papanasham is also the best place to see the sunset from. The northern side of Varkala is mainly attractive for the leisure hunters while the southern side is for the Hindu worshippers.

Best time to visit: Any time of the year thanks to the coastal climate

How to reach: The closest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, and the closest railway station is Varkala. There is also the Varkala bus station if you want to go on the road.

8. The famous beaches of Kovalam

If you inquire about the famous Tourist places in Kerala, the name Kovalam will figure prominently on everyone’s list. It is rated as one of the best beaches in India. The beach is crescent-shaped, and the main attraction is the lighthouse on the southern part. The top of the lighthouse provides a spectacular view of the city including the Vizhinjam masjid. The northern part is known as the Samudra beach, the central part is the Hawa beach, and the southern part is the lighthouse beach. The southern part is the widest among the three. The beauty of the beach under the moonlit skies is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Best time to visit: All the year round due to the coastal climate

How to reach: The closest airport is Trivandrum International Airport, and the closest railway station is Trivandrum central station. Buses are the best way to reach the place as it is connected to Trivandrum and the other nearby cities through bus services.

The list of breathtaking Tourist places in Kerala is truly endless. It is as if every nook and corner of the state has been crafted with care by the hands of nature. Experiencing such a beauty etches a memory in your mind that you cherish for a lifetime. The major USP for Kerala tourism of the state is the serenity and peaceful environment that it has. To add to that, the local people are really warm and welcoming towards the tourists. It is even better if you are a foodie, as the local dishes like dosa, idly, vada, and uttapam will make you ask for more.

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